Manufacturing Overview

  • Garment Manufacturing Capacity

    2.5 Million pieces yearly

    Cheer Sagar completes small and bulk orders with equal attention and has a capacity to produce 2.5 million pieces of garments annually.

  • Latest Machinery

    800 Juki UBT Machines

    We are highly equipped with more than 800 single needle Juki UBT sewing machines to produce the best quality clothes in very less time.

  • Perfect Design and Quality

    18 Barudan Computer Embroidery Machines

    We, at Cheer Sagar, make the most exquisite and impeccable embroidery designs with the help of our 18 Barundan computer embroidery machines.

  • Commitment and Capability

    8000 pieces/day

    We are not just fast, we are very fast with a knack for perfection. We can make more than 8000 pieces of beautiful designer clothes every single day.

  • Cutting, Handiwork, Stitching

    1500 meters per day

    We roll out and process more than 1500 meters of fabric every day to make our innovative and exceptional designer clothes and accessories become a reality.


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