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Cheer Sagar, Achieving Excellence.

How does one achieve excellence? By striving to create, innovate, and upgrade what one is already good at. But what happens when one family does this for more than three decades? They build a legacy. This is exactly what Cheer Sagar is all about.

They become successful. This is exactly what Cheer Sagar is all about. Cheer Sagar is a family-owned business. Our founder, Mr. Ravi Poddar, founded Cheer Sagar in the year 1991 and made his name by making and selling handmade carpets before getting into fabric and garments. However, today, the company’s young directors have brought the company to new heights and they aim and work to take on the textile world by a storm with the help of knowledge and expertise of the elders. After all, secrets are passed down through generations and that is how we have established a strong global presence. 

We don’t just conduct business. We build relations, partnerships that last. The textile industry needs utmost attention to detail, designs, and above all, quality. From the top executives in the company to our tailors and button makers, everyone understands the importance of delivering perfection. Making women’s clothing has been our top priority but we are also delving into kids’ fashion.

Whatever the need be, Cheer Sagar is here to help you. Talk to us about your vision and requirements. We always deliver.

Our Vision

Our Vision

With the right drive, passion, and vision, the impossible can become possible. Our vision is to achieve excellence day in and day out, for our client's satisfaction. We want to be the preferred destination for trading houses, brand owners, and retail chains for all things garments. That is what we work towards achieving every day.


GP Poddar

GP PoddarChairman

GP Poddar

Ravi PoddarManaging Director

GP Poddar

Sujata PoddarCreative Director

GP Poddar

Arnav PoddarDirector

GP Poddar

Tanushree PoddarDirector

GP Poddar

Tarin PoddarDirector

Mission & Vision

  • To grow exponentially in the textile industry across the globe
  • To help our clients build their brands by providing high-end quality products
  • To minimize input costs, maximize output, and focus on helping the customers grow
  • To focus on client satisfaction by delivering what is needed and more
  • To keep a personalized approach in handling all ventures within the company and outside with clients
  • To enhance performance of employees by treating them as whole persons and fulfilling their needs- physical (pay package & resources), mental (training & empowerment), emotional (inspiration & motivation) & spiritual (noble cause)
  • To strive to become the best in business and to stay humble while doing that
Working towards uplifting our employees whilst conquering the textile world


Dreams become a reality only when one works hard for them. We, at Cheer Sagar, have been striving for more than three decades to achieve excellence in the textile and clothing industry. Our work ethics, exquisite designs, and quality products have earned us a variety of certifications.

We are certified for developing a trained workforce, promoting safe work practices, providing a qualification tool for hiring, and for gaining a collaborative platform for our products in the world.

From supply chain management to promoting safe and lawful practices in the work space, Cheer Sagar is dedicated to conquer the industry.


The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system that supports companies


Sedex is a membership organization for continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains.


Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is a non-profit dedicated to promoting safe, lawful

QSI 9001

ISO 9001 certification is the international standard for demonstrating your company’s commitment to maintaining


FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


ZED Certification is an extensive drive to create awareness amongst MSMEs about Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) practices

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