‘Fundamentally Right’

Charity begins at home. We, at Cheer Sagar, believe that if the change has to be made, one has to start at the base. Sustainability is our priority and we make sure that from the bottom to the very top, we focus on protecting mother nature at all costs.

Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour today. The need to preserve our natural resources to maintain the ecological balance cannot be stressed enough. Cheer Sagar is speeding towards this sustainable fashion movement and is trying to champion the usage of sustainable fabrics, the fabric derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or
recycled materials.

The demand for good quality and high-end fabrics is ever increasing in the industry but the need to take product-level initiatives to use and grow fabrics that are less harmful for the environment is a priority at Cheer Sagar. In order to do our part in popularizing eco-friendly sustainable fashion, we use recycled fabrics so as to ensure that nothing goes to waste from our manufacturing. In addition, we also use FSC (viscose), BCI (cottons), organic, and lenzing fabrics. We make around 2lakh pieces of cloth annually using sustainably grown fabrics.

Along with sustainability, we also need to go with the flow and requirements of the international market. So, in keeping up with the ways of the world and to keep our clients and customers safe, we are now using Anti-Microbial and Antibacterial fabrics as well.
As the charity begins at home saying goes, if we want our consumers to think differently, we have to think differently as well and that means we have to change our strategies and methods. It is our social responsibility to work towards achieving ecological integrity with our fashionable products and our industry. We, being the producers, strongly believe that a producer and a retailer must take responsibility for the social and environmental cost of clothes. Cheer Sagar is constantly working to achieve the ecological balance for we only have one Mother Earth.

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