Reviewing The Impact & Role Of Technology In The Fashion Industry

Reviewing The Impact & Role Of Technology In The Fashion Industry



The video of model Bella Hadid getting a dress spray painted on her body at the Paris Fashion Week went viral instantly. The Copernic runaway can now be showcased as a prime example of how technology and fashion work hand in hand in order to move each other forward. But what’s the extent to which the fashion industry and technology work together? Let’s find out!

Retracing The Relationship Of Technology In The Fashion Industry

From athletic wear to polyester, technology has given many boons to the fashion industry. The relationship can be traced back all the way to when clothes started being manufactured in factories. Be it for the fabric in your clothes or the process by which your clothes are manufactured; technology has been there to make it easier, quicker, and more affordable for companies and consumers to manufacture and buy their favorite fashion pieces. Let’s review some of the ways technology has impacted the fashion industry.


Technology has helped evolve the production of garments drastically. From taking days to produce a single piece of clothing to time being reduced to mere hours, technology has made it possible to produce garments in bulk. The bulk production of clothing has also made it more affordable and readily available for consumers creating sub-fashion industries like fast fashion.


Thanks to technology now, brands are armed with a reach like never before. Today because of digital media and the internet, brands can advertise their products to specific consumers through the internet. This has allowed brands to reach customers directly and disrupt the traditional supply chain. And best of all, technology has also allowed brands to get feedback directly from their clients and improve their products as and when necessary.


When you think about your comfortable workout clothes, do you ever think just how they came to be? Thanks to the innovations of technology, different types of natural fabric were improved with technology in order to fulfill specific purposes. From making sweatproof clothing to stainproof, creaseproof, and waterproof fabric, these are just some of the achieved with the use of technology in the fashion industry.

Improvements To Old Methods

The improvements in the production techniques of garments have made it possible for fashion brands to be environmentally conscious. These new production techniques produce less waste and focus on recycling to reduce the carbon footprint of the factories. This, in turn, has brought a new revolution of sustainable clothing to the fashion industry that ensures garments are sustainably produced and procured.